Ain Kroumir

Interested in history and cultural tradition?

In the Kroumirie you encounter all aspects of the rich and colourful history of Tunisia and discover a culture characterized by authentic and deeply-rooted Berber traditions.

With Chemtou, Bulla Regia and the UNESCO World Heritage site Dougga three of the most famous and most important Roman towns are more or less in close reach.

The Berber heritage you can find on your doorstep, either in the form of coral jewellery, wooden pipes, mosaics, pottery, cork articles or wickerwork.

Or you take a chance and explore the dense forests. There you can learn how to prepare bread in a traditional Tabouna oven, how to produce herbal medicine and carve cutlery from oak and olive wood, how to produce colours from natural materials and to colour wool for carpets which are free from all chemical substances.

Allow yourself an adventure tour!




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