Ain Kroumir

Even though the native population of the Kroumirie mingled over the centuries with their numerous invaders, the Berber heritage of the region can still be seen and experienced. From a bird´s-eye perspective this becomes obvious in settlement patterns almost exclusively dominated by detached houses (Gourbis) and small hamlets (Douars). The only larger and more compact settlements of the region have been founded under French colonial rule.

The name of the Kroumirie is derived from the regional Berber tribe called „Kroumir“.

At a closer look the regional Berber tradition lives on in typical house building, traditional dishes, customs and clothing, but most of all in a great number of regional handicrafts, which also reflect the unique biodiversity of the Kroumir mountains: cork harvesting and processing, the production of natural colours, rug making, wickerwork, coral jewellery, wood carving, pottery and herbal medicine.

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