Ain Kroumir

As a result of its mediterranean-humid climate with the highest amount of rainfall in Tunisia the Kroumirie is covered by one of the most diverse and until now best-preserved oak forest complexes of the Mediterranean region. The extensive forest areas with a total size between 100.000 and 140.000 hectares are characterized by cork and zen oak, which are complemented by kermes oak, holm oak as well as the rare endemic Algerian oak, depending on altitude and the amount of rainfall. The dense and in some places almost primeval forests offer a habitat for an equally rich and manifold wildlife, comprising rare bird species as well as flowers, aromatic and medical plants little-known in Europe.

The Kroumirie is part of the North African Atlas mountains, which count among the global hotspots of biodiversity due to their great number and variety of plant and animal species.

Just the national parc El Feija alone with its 2.600 hectares features 25 species of mammals, around 70 bird species and more than 20 species of reptiles. Among these are the Eleonora´s falcon, the golden jakal, the North African ocellated lizard as well as the porcupine, the Natrix Maura and the booted eagle. The nature preserve, which has been proposed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2008, is also the last and therefore the most important habitat of the only endemic African deer species, the Barbary deer.

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