Ain Kroumir

The Kroumirie lies in Northwest Tunisia, about a two or three hour drive from the capital Tunis. This mountain region, virtually untouched by tourism, features a landscape unique in Tunisia, which is covered by one of the most manifold and best-preserved oak forest complexes of the Mediterranean region. Especially, the extensive and at times almost primeval cork oak forests offer a habitat for a rich and partly endemic wildlife, comprising a number of rare bird species as well as many little-known flowers, aromatic and medical plants.

The name of the Kroumirie in Northwest-Tunesia is derived from the regional Berber tribe called „Kroumir“.

As a result of their abundance of water and natural treasures the Kroumir mountains have excerted a strong appeal on humans for thousands of years leaving traces which are visible until today: mysterious remains of pre-historical houses and Punic burial chambers, the impressive Roman towns of Bulla Regia and Chemtou, Byzantine fortifications and early Christian churches, the bulky Genoese castle of Tabarka as well as the towns of Beni M´tir and Ain Draham, both built in French colonial style.

Despite many foreign influence, however, the Kroumirie has remained what it has been since the beginning: source and home of the Kroumir Berber tribe with distinctive singularities, atmospheres and traditions.

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