Ain Kroumir

Almost every path to the Kroumirie goes via Tunis. The airport of the Tunisian capital, Tunis-Cartharge, can be reached within a short time from nearly all great European cities. A flight from Munich to Tunis takes only around two hours, for instance. Those who prefer to come by car can arrive the capital harbour Tunis-La Goulette by ferry directly from Genova, Marseille, Naples, Cagliari or Palermo/Trapani, during the summer months also from Sète and Livorno. The crossing takes around 24 hours from Genova or Marseille or 8 hours from Trapani.

The Kroumerie can be reached by a two or three hour drive from Tunis. A flight from Munich to Tunis takes even less than that.

For those who do not bring their own car the most important tourist areas of the Kroumirie, Tabarka and Ain Draham, can be reached most quickly and cheaply by shared taxis, so-called louages, or by coach, both starting from Tunis-Bab Saadoun. By train only the towns of Béja, Jendouba and Ghardimaou are directly accessible, where it is difficult, however, to find an adequate and comfortable accomodation. A hired car offers the greatest mobility and flexibility, of course. Cars of all types and sizes can be hired at the airport Tunis-Cartharge, where all big international rental car companies have an office.

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