Ain Kroumir

The Kroumirie offers a great and varied choice for smaller or bigger excursions. The long beaches, extensive dune landscapes and coastal pine forests between Tabarka and Nefza are ideal places for horse riding, bird watching or prehistorical discovery tours. The lush maquis and the kermes oak forests rising up from the coastline are worthy destinations for collectors of herbs and medical plants. The dense cork and zen oak forests and deeply carved valleys around Ain Draham and Beni M´tir are true marvels for hikers, hunters, mountain bikers and botanical connoisseurs.

Whether sportsmen, nature lovers or history addicts - in the Kroumirie everybody can find a place for an inspiring excursion.

For nature lovers the two national parcs of El Feija and Ishkeul as well as the unspoilt and rugged steep coasts between Cap Serrat and Cap Negro are rewarding destinations for interesting day trips. Visitors interested in history and archeology find the most famous and important Roman towns of Tunisia more or less within close reach from Tabarka: Chemtou and Bulla Regia are each about 60 kilometres away, the UNESCO World Heritage site Dougga about 150 kilometres.

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